In business, our most precious resource isn’t money. It’s not even our team or our top clients. 

It’s our time – and most immigration law firms are wasting that resource. 

As legal teams, we should be spending our days strategizing, thinking, and writing. Instead, our time is spent gathering the information needed to do all that important work. It’s not only time mismanagement, it’s document and information mismanagement. 

Studies show that lawyers spend over 11 hours per week on document management issues. That may include sifting through long email threads to find client submitted documentation, scouring archived files for specific references, forms, or reports, and explaining document requirements to clients. 

As these hours add up, the law firm slows down. 

But proper information and document storage can help. Neutrinet is built as a smarter way to collect, compile, and store legal documentation. Complete with keyword search archives, easy explanations and examples for clients, as well as an extensive form and template library. Our intelligent platform also automates document assembly and creates submission-ready PDF packets in minutes. 

It may seem trite. This idea that changing the way you store and access information at your firm will have an outsized impact on your team. 

But we’ve seen it before. 

People start to work a little bit faster. Stay “in the zone” for just a few more minutes. Start to enjoy the process behind their work a little bit more. 

Those little things add up in a big way and it starts by giving people the organizational tools to focus their time on the things that matter. 

Try it out and see what happens. Talk with our team today to learn more about the results you can achieve with Neutrinet. 

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