Immigration Software

Automated Immigration Case Management
It's legal software, simplified

End-to-End Workflow Automation

Start cases quickly and correctly, and manage them efficiently every step of the way.

Document Management

Turn tedious tasks into collaborative and automated processes.

Automated Case Management

Leverage technology to streamline and organize your firm.

Intelligent Information Storage

Reduce redundancies and save time.

DS-160/260 E-Filing

The only legal platform that prevents system crashes while e-filing these forms.

Business Management

Improve client experiences and help your business grow.

End-to-End Workflow Automation

New hires (and seasoned attorneys) make mistakes. But forgetting a key step or working too slowly can have serious consequences. Eliminate mistakes with Neutrinet’s form library and simple case setup. Your team can get to work on the right task in minutes.

  • Extensive Case Library
  • Intuitive Client Intake
  • One-Click HR Reporting
  • Smart USCIS Forms Filing

Document Management

Collecting case documents from clients is challenging - and finding those documents internally can be even more frustrating. Neutrinet turns those tedious tasks into automated processes and organizes your files for easy retrieval.

  • Automated Document Collection
  • Intuitive Document Compilation
  • Keyword Search Archives

Automated Case Management

Scaling case loads can be challenging. Sticky notes, white boards, and excel files won’t keep everything straight when things get busy. Attorneys need a tool that can keep up. Neutrinet uses smart technology and legal savvy to power efficient practices.

  • Case Status Tracking
  • Case Management
  • Task Reminders
  • Automated USCIS status updates

Intelligent Information Storage

Human error happens. Clients forget. Lawyers get busy. Neutrinet has your back and frees you from the repetitive workload with powerful automations, reminders, and auto fill functions to make sure nothing gets missed.

  • Automated Reuse of Information Across Documents
  • Report Generation

DS-160/260 Auto-Filing

Neutrinet is the only legal platform that prevents system crashes on the CEAC website while e-filing DS-160/260 forms. It’s simple, user friendly, and gets the job done.

  • DS-160/260 Auto-Filing

Business Management

Happy clients help law firms grow. With Neutrinet, clients experience easy onboarding, clear communication, and a seamless user experience - allowing you to focus on client service, and growing your bottom line.

  • Integrations (LawPay, Clio, and more!)
  • Intuitive Client Portal
  • Built-In Referral and Review Programs
  • Intuitive UI in Multiple Languages (Current 18 languages)

    All UI and questionnaires are available in multiple languages.

  • Level of Access

    Set different roles for team members and set levels of case accessibilities

  • Mobile Optimization and iOS App

    Fully optimized for any mobile devices. iOS App available on the App Store. Prepare immigration cases anytime and anywhere.


YC Law Group

After integrating our company’s cases into Neutrinet’s software, I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in efficiency. Clients are happy to forgo long email chains, clerks here save time previously spent manually filling in forms, and attorneys can take on more cases. I couldn’t be happier with our experience with Neutrinet.


Transparency, Automation, Cost-Efficiency. That’s exactly what Neutrinet has provided us with: a platform not only easing the communication between clients and attorneys but simplifying this procedure for all parties involved. This is a service that embodies the saying: “Money Well Spent”.

Sunwise Law

Document submission and compilation should be intuitive, not just for the sake of clients but for law firms as well. One of our largest issues prior to utilizing Neutrinet’s platform was organizing documents for submissions, a problem perfectly addressed by the automation technology present here. We’ve saved countless hours, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.


  • Standard Service

      Unlimited Cases, Storage
      Logo and URL customization
      LawPay Integration
      Dedicated live support specialist
      iOS App
      Price includes all upcoming updates and features
    Annual Subscription
    + $99 one-time setup fee
  • Premium Service

      Everything in Standard Service
      Advanced AI features
      Access to Admin panel
      Multiple logins
      Dedicated tech support
    Annual Subscription
  • Enterprise

      Everything in Premium Service
      Prioritized feature request
      Optimized data processing solution
      End-to-end tech support
      User training program