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Form Automation

Completing USCIS forms has never been easier. With its all-in-one questionnaire, NEUTRINET auto-populates forms for you in bulk.

Its smart worksheet will collect necessary client information for all relevant forms. Any information submitted by the client will be automatically mapped to all PDF forms tied to the case. The program will even apply "N/A" to all blank fields on all forms.

NEUTRINET means no more redundancies and repetitive data entries, with all inputs or updates in the questionnaire applied to the appropriate forms in real time.

Task Management

Customize to-do lists for different case types and send out document checklists automatically. NEUTRINET loads the preferred workflow, sample documents, and milestones for a wide range of applications.

The system creates a smooth and simple document management experience with its encrypted cloud storage technology. With the help of its easy-to-use portal, clients can submit and download important documents in the blink of an eye.

Each task will be assigned to a dedicated owner, ensuring a reasonable workload distribution. Confidentiality is always protected because tasks are only visible to the assignee.

Billing and Invoicing

NEUTRINET allows you to create, send and track invoices the seamless LawPay integration. The trusted PCI-compliant payment solution will make client payment management become a peace of mind.

The system comes with a built-in LawPay authorization process which makes the whole invoice setup effortlessly. Sending out invoices and depositing funds directly to the designated bank account.

Generate customized and itemized invoices right from the system. Invoices will be emailed to the clients and they can make payments using debit or credit cards. The billing status can be tracked and managed right from NEUTRINET. All data will be synced with the connected LawPay account.


USCIS Status Tracker

NEUTRINET lets you track USCIS case statuses automatically and receive instant email notifications.

The system monitors USCIS receipt numbers and triggers alerts when case status updates have been detected. It will show the status message retrieved directly from the official website.

Client can always find their latest case updates on the NEUTRINET portal and also access the USCIS status tracking portal by a single click.

Notifications and Communications

Auto-trigger client email notifications on important matters including USCIS status, expiration dates, case file submissions, and etc. Notification preferences are fully customizable.

NEUTRINET provides notifications for real time comments on file uploads and questionnaire submissions so that all case related communications are centralized in one place.

Its cloud-based portal keeps your entire firm informed of the case's progress while allowing the attorneys to remain fully focused on the practice.

  • Intuitive UI in Multiple Languages

    All UI and questionnaires are available in multiple languages.

  • Level of Access

    Set different roles for team members and set levels of case accessibilities

  • Mobile Optimization and iOS App

    Fully optimized for any mobile devices. iOS App availabe on the App Store. Prepare immigration cases anytime and anywhere.


YC Law Group

After integrating our company’s cases into AILaw’s software, I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in efficiency. Clients are happy to forgo long email chains, clerks here save time previously spent manually filling in forms, and attorneys can take on more cases. I couldn’t be happier with our experience with AILaw.

Sunwise Law

Document submission and compilation should be intuitive, not just for the sake of clients but for law firms as well. One of our largest issues prior to utilizing AILaw’s platform was organizing documents for submissions, a problem perfectly addressed by the automation technology present here. We’ve saved countless hours, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.

D & T Law Group

This is an extremely accessible and price friendly software.It is useful for those immigration lawyers who wish to save their valuable time on filing out forms. The best part of this software is it’s ability to manage different clients documents instantly and simultaneously. It can quickly help put together a visa packet within minutes. Lastly, you will never lose track of your clients documents when using this software.


  • Standard Service

      Unlimited Users, Cases, Storage
      Logo and URL customization
      LawPay Integration
      Dedicated live support specialist
      iOS App
      Price includes all upcoming updates and features
    Annual Subscription
    + $99 one-time setup fee
  • API service

      Everything in Standard Service
      Unlimited calls
      Access to Admin panel
      Multiple logins
      Dedicated tech support
    Annual Subscription
  • Enterprise

      Everything in API service
      Prioritized feature request
      Optimized data processing solution
      End-to-end tech support
      User training program