Next Generation Immigration Software

Intuitive cloud-based immigration software integrating case management, form auto filling, lawyer and client portals, and much more.
  • Form Automation

    Auto-populate multiple forms through online smart questionnaires.

  • Document Management

    Access case files and interact with clients from cloud-based system anywhere anytime.

  • Task Customization

    Design recurring tasks from templates for dedicated participants.

  • E-filing

    E-file DS-160 forms automatically on CEAC

  • Compilation

    Drag and drop to organize documents, insert page breakers before printing out.

  • Status Tracking

    Sync and notify clients of real-time case status.

  • Portal Personalization

    Customize the login portal with your law firm logos and add a client portal on your website.

  • Reminder

    Track important deadlines, appointments, and milestones.

  • Billing

    Create invoice and manage billing status with seamless LawPay integration.


YC Law Group

After integrating our company’s cases into AILaw’s software, I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in efficiency. Clients are happy to forgo long email chains, clerks here save time previously spent manually filling in forms, and attorneys can take on more cases. I couldn’t be happier with our experience with AILaw.

Sunwise Law

Document submission and compilation should be intuitive, not just for the sake of clients but for law firms as well. One of our largest issues prior to utilizing AILaw’s platform was organizing documents for submissions, a problem perfectly addressed by the automation technology present here. We’ve saved countless hours, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.

D & T Law Group

This is an extremely accessible and price friendly software.It is useful for those immigration lawyers who wish to save their valuable time on filing out forms. The best part of this software is it’s ability to manage different clients documents instantly and simultaneously. It can quickly help put together a visa packet within minutes. Lastly, you will never lose track of your clients documents when using this software.


  • Boutique Plan

      Unlimited Users
      Unlimited Storage
      0-5new case(s)/month
    + $99 one-time setup fee
  • Elite Plan

      Unlimited Users
      Unlimited Storage
      6-50new cases/month
    + $99 one-time setup fee
  • Enterprise Plan

      Unlimited Users
      Unlimited Storage
      51+new cases/month
    + $99 one-time setup fee
  • Annual Plan

      Unlimited Users
      Unlimited Storage
      Unlimited caseload
    + $99 one-time setup fee
*Monthly cost will be billed based on actual use in each month.