Legal professionals are struggling with NVC cases because the CEAC website is an ever-changing web of surprises. One moment, you patiently input address histories, and the next, your data has disappeared into thin air due to some inexplicable crash or bug. 

NEUTRINET is legal software designed specifically for immigration lawyers. Our end-to-end platform takes the hassle out of the process – including challenging and time-consuming immigration forms. It’s the only software platform that allows the remote filing of both DS-160 and 260 forms while preventing system crashes. We started to train our auto e-filing tool since 2019. After seeing tens of thousands of NVC cases, NEUTRINET e-filing system is now robust enough to handle your CEAC e-fillings. With One click, you can say goodbye to the SESSION TIMED OUT forever.

If you have any further questions about DS-160/260 e-fillings, feel free to book a demo with us at

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