To run a successful immigration law firm, or any successful company, owners should focus on the core part of the business. For immigration law firms, that core should be case strategy and client experience. Reducing time spent on redundant processes is key to achieving that goal.

One of the most time-consuming and tedious jobs in immigration law is the continuous communication with anxious clients about their case status. It’s no secret that clients expect a lot when it comes to USCIS case status updates – that’s clear from the endless emails and phone calls, not to mention the daily check of recent cases on the USCIS website for any possible updates.

Here are four key points to get right with USCIS case status tracking to cut out some of those redundancies (and how NEUTRINET helps):

  • USCIS receipts management: Upload all I-797 forms to the client case file and allow the client to download the receipts anytime, anywhere.
  • Auto-track USCIS case status: Track case updates based on USCIS receipt numbers with one-click and share the results with clients via the portal.
  • Instant Notifications: Receive email notifications and alert clients automatically when a receipt status update is detected.
  • Understand the processing time: Check the latest USCIS processing time in the Monthly Visa Bulletin widget to provide clients with an estimated timeframe. 

Interested in seeing how NEUTRINET can improve your firm’s client communications?  Book a demo with us for more details!

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