FY2021 may receive 60,000 extra employment-based visas 

Immigration professionals are inevitably impacted by recessions, travel bans and executive orders.
However, IIUSA’s June 16 webinar with Charlie Oppenheim actually shared a lot of encouraging projections of FY2021 and we think the upcoming fiscal year will be delightful for employment-based immigrations. (Highlights of the webinar)

Mr. Oppenheim estimates 60,000 extra employment-based visas may be reassigned to the FY2021 employment-based quota which improves the EB visa limit from 140,000 to over 200,000. This is caused by consulate suspensions which make many family-based visa numbers are going unused this year. These unused visas will roll into employment-based categories the next year.

What does higher visa quota mean? More employment-based Priority Dates will become current and you will have a lot of business opportunities in cases like Adjustment of Status. You should get prepared for a busy FY2021.

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