Obliviously, COVID-19 is not going anywhere.
Its influence on immigration industry might not be catastrophic, but you have already sensed the inevitable impact.

What should you do?
As an immigration professional, expanding your practice coverage into different visa categories is a feasible option.

What is the direction of your business expansion?
The selected stats from FY 2019 (Q1 to Q3) show naturalizations and non-immigrant visas for temporary workers seem to be a good market, but this might not be the case of FY 2020 as The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Trump Administration is planning a new immigration suspension targeting non-immigrant visas.
We still hope this chart can help you identity the needs and demands.

What if you are new to certain types of visas?
NEUTRINET is here to help you get familiar with different visa categories. You will find document checklist templates within each case type to give you a scope of the workflow. Also, NEUTRINET comes with dynamic questionnaires, which will auto-populate the entire form set of each corresponding case type.

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