“By 2019, millennials are projected to number 73 million, overtaking Baby Boomers as the largest living adult generation. Although a greater number of births underlie the Baby Boom generation, Millennials will outnumber Boomers in part because immigration has been boosting their numbers,” said the report.


According to the latest Pew Research Center report millennials, age 22-39, will also keep their population steady, reaching 74 million in 2050, again likely aided by immigration.

For immigration professionals, the stats entail that they are going to hire more millennials coworkers as well as getting hired by younger generation clients who are attentively seeking immigration assistance.

These digital natives are using their sway to drive technological change that makes work more efficient. In order to keep up with these Millennials, law firms need to start embracing technologies and digitalizing workflows as soon as possible.

Why 2020 is a great time for this transition? Because immigration industry has become slower due to various incidents including COVID-19 pandemic, travel bans, consulate closure, executive orders, potential USCIS furloughs and etc. Law firms should have looked at this slowdown as an opportunity to transit and change. Embracing legal tech is a new “lease on life” feeling…transforming an entire back of the house in a morning.
Here are 3 tips that will help immigration professionals succeed in 2020.

Content marketing and social media marketing
Pew Research Center say almost 100% millennials use internet and this implies that online presence becomes extremely important for immigration professionals. Online presence is more than just posting law firm ads on social medias, websites and forums. Create meaningful content to educate prospects has been proven to be the most effective way of business conversion.
Find the target customer and create content around those people will help law firms in customer acquisition. For instance, for attorneys who are specializing in H-1B visas should post quality contents targeting employers like how-to videos, USCIS policy insights and case studies to build reputations and credibilities.

Digitalize the workflow
Millennials who connected with internet and mobile devices at an early age, and used online tools to work and collaborate—now expect similar types of interaction with technology as they prepare the immigration applications.
Law firms have to get an immigration case management system that can digitalize the workflow both internally and externally.
Cloud-based solution like NEUTRINET is highly recommended as it is the only immigration software that focuses on user experience of the millennials. The program is created by a group of Silicon Valley millennials who are determined to reshape the future of immigration industry.
The system comes with a dedicated client portal, that allows immigration beneficiaries to do everything including USCIS case status tracking, case file management, online collaboration with attorneys and more. On the other hand, NEUTRINET can help law firms to automate USCIS forms, file DS-160 on CEAC, set reminders for priority dates and more.
Schedule demo here to learn more about NEUTRINET.

Accept online payments
Law firms do not set up the means of accepting online payments because they do not understand the importance of utilizing modern technologies. This is extremely wrong because they are now working with millennials and other younger generations. Immigration firms need to accept online payments as many clients are already paying online in other places. Accepting online payments will help law firms to get more clients. Nowadays, clients are looking to hire attorneys who accept online payments. This is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their payment is safe and protected.
Adding online payments does not mean purchasing vendor services separately. Cloud-based immigration case management software like NEUTRINET integrates with LawPay, which helps law firms to management billings in one place. Schedule demo now to learn more about this feature.

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