We talk to immigration lawyers everyday to understand the challenges they’re facing and how we can help solve them with intelligent technology. Here are three challenges that come up frequently (and some tips for solving them).

Managing Client Collaboration & Feedback

Client communication, document collection, and input takes time away from your work and distracts paralegals from the task at hand. Not only does it eat up valuable hours, but it can also be a source of frustration for clients when responses are inconsistent or delayed. 

Evaluating legal software options is a key to overcoming this challenge in an efficient way. NEUTRINET’s state-of-the-art platform includes a client portal that automates these process and offers a centralized hub for all communication. 

E-Filing Challenges & System Crashes

Government processes in the immigration law space are outdated and break frequently. Unfortunately, however, we don’t have any option except to work through them or find a creative way to get around them. 

Spending a lot of time internally to upskill employees and educate about the ins and outs of available government tools is an option. If you want to move faster and eliminate risk, consider NEUTRINET. It’s the only software that allows e-filing of DS-160/DS-260 forms while preventing system crashes requiring a do-over.

Streamlining Processes for Various Case Types

Chasing down paperwork or asking paralegals to switch case types is a nuisance. Just like previous challenges, it slows down your work and requires constant education and problem solving (in the wrong places!). 

Hiring more experienced (and more expensive) staff is an obvious solution. If you’re trying to overcome this challenge without spending much money, it’s worth exploring technical options. Software like NEUTRINET is available for a fraction of the price and presents paralegals and other staff with the information they need in seconds – simply select the case type and all the necessary paperwork will be at your fingertips. 

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