We know that continuous improvement is the key to making sure NEUTRINET remains the top legal software for immigration lawyers. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with suggestions or feedback from you and your team.

If you have questions or need new hire onboarding help, feel free to book a free training session with us. Regardless of their tech skills, we’ll give them step-by-step instruction until your team can fully utilize the software.

Here are our most recent feature updates for July and August.

  • Continuous Improvement of Smart Cases 
    • Wider Form Coverage: EOIR-33, ETA-750B, ETA-9089, G-1450, I-90, I-129F, I-129S, I-601, I-602, I-693, I-730, I-821, I-821D, I-829, I-912, I-914, N-600k. Most of the USCIS forms have already been included in previous launches. You can find the full list here.
    • Improved UI/UX: Task details can now be collapsed and expanded in case template settings.
    • Search Case Templates by Forms: When creating a new case, you can now search the case template by template name or form IDs. For example, if you search 485, all case templates with form I-485 will show up.
    • Improved Automation:
      • Copying & pasting the full address across smart questionnaires is now supported.
      • Automatically calculate and fill in some blanks in questionnaires for  G-28.
    • Jargon Explanations: General terminologies such as the ALIEN and SEVIS numbers in smart questionnaires are now explained. Let us know if you have more needs!
  • Task Reminders
    • Now you can set up automatic task reminders for your clients. No more chasing them manually for their documents. Check out the user guide here.
  • Calendar
    • The Calendar feature has been fully released. Integration with Google calendar and Outlook calendar is supported as well. 
  • Online Editor
    • You can now modify the font size for each blank in Chrome or Safari.
    • You can now download PDFs with larger font and smaller file size ( < 2MB) without losing quality.
  • File Order in Compilation
    • Now initial file order in the compilation is by form IDs.
  • Documents Download
    • You can now download selected documents only on the case detail page.
  • User-friendly Login
    • Your clients can now simply click a link in the email instead of copying & pasting the password for login settings.
  • More Language Support
    • By adding Pashto, an official language of Afghanistan, NEUTRINET is now supporting 18 different languages!
  • Automatic Case Status Tracking
    • USCIS updates impacted how we can fetch case status, causing failures of status tracking for many platforms. We have launched a fix to make sure this function is working well.

We appreciate your business with us. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our support team at [email protected] or book a training to learn more.

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