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Next Generation Legal Software

An easy-to-use platform integrating case management, form autofilling, lawyer and client portals, and much more

A smarter way to:

Automatically generate forms
Simplify communications through portals
Synchronize with case checklists
Provide customized caseload reports
Streamline processing through status tracking

Cloud Document Management

Storing documents in the encrypted cloud ensures security and allows online reviewing, enabling collaboration while reducing offline file management.

Form Autofill

Using simple yet carefully curated worksheets to collect client information, automatically complete legal forms.

Simplified Communication

Save attorneys 35% of their time by handling all case-related communication and document revision through the platform using its live commenting and feedback system.

Transparent Progress Tracking

Sync and notify clients of all key milestones automatically. Make case status accessible to each client, keeping everyone informed at all times.

Smart Compilation

Compile documents with one click: drag and drop files into the designated printing order and convert everything into one printer-ready PDF file.

Intuitive Case Management

View key case information on the dashboard's custom control sheet, engineered for both ease of use and full customization.
Time Expenditure

Trusted by the world's best teams

YC Law

After integrating our company’s cases into AILaw’s software, I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in efficiency. Clients are happy to forgo long email chains, clerks here save time previously spent manually filling in forms, and attorneys can take on more cases. I couldn’t be happier with our experience with AILaw.

DeHeng Law Offices

Our experience with AILaw support team was extraordinary. We are a lot more efficient and have better transparency with clients because of AILaw's software. Our team members absolutely love the Worksheets and prepare all cases and forms in AILaw.

Sunwise Law

Document submission and compilation should be intuitive, not just for the sake of clients but for law firms as well. One of our largest issues prior to utilizing AILaw’s platform was organizing documents for submissions, a problem perfectly addressed by the automation technology present here. We’ve saved countless hours, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.